A Few Words About Us

We are a client service oriented company. At all times we strive to be your "best solution".

Advanced Biotech Solutions is a full service company that serves as your "personal biotech professional". We aim to completely take care of your biotech packaging, removal, storage and deposition.

Our Standards

At all times we aim to use the utmost care and attention that your company deserves. Every single pickup is our most important. There is no job too big or small for our seasoned professional staff. Our job is to let you focus on running your business and leave your biotech solutions to us. We always work increase the moral, ethical and legal standards of our industry.

Our Mission

To improve the lives and efficiency of our clients by enhancing safety, compliance and risk management, while delivering an unmatched level of client service & support.

It is our absolute goal to be the best client based biotech company in the world. We strive to excel in transporting and the storage of biotech waste. We love our beautiful earth, our clients and the patients they serve. Therefore, we warmly accept the responsibilty of making sure that your pickup is handled with care.

Our top priority is helping you have confidence that you are operating ABOVE local, state and federal compliance levels. The most imporatant package on our truck is yours!

Dwayne Byrd / President / CEO

"Our desires are simple. We wish to have a positive effect on the world one package at a time."

Lesley Byrd / Regional VP of Operations

Our Principles

Our Principles are simple: To serve our clients by providing a great service experience.
We want you to have the freedom and peace of mind to be able to focus on doing what you do best, maintaining your business. We have a full customer service promise to always handle your pickup with the utmost care and respect it deserves. After all, whether large or small, every client is our most important.

We only succeed if you succeed!
At all times, we are thankful that you have given us the priviledge to serve your needs. We always want the best for our clients. We are strongly focused around on-time pickups / deliveries, timely client support, and we are just proud to be one of Floirda's best biotech transportation solutions. We strive to save your valuable time and keep abreast the everchanging biotech regulations.

Never worry about your biotech waste again!
When you give us the opportunity to handle your biotech program, you never have to think about it again. We work with you to develop the most effective program schedule that maximizes your time and minimizes you worries. We strongly focus on personal attention and unmatched client service..

We just want to provide you with good, quality service!
It iseems that many businesses tend to take their clients for granted. As long as we are here, every client is our most important client. We know that the customer experience is what will continue to keep our company growing in the right direction. Every client is responded to promptly, with a caring and courteous staff who is eagerly waiting to help you with anything that may arise.

With companies in our industry buying and selling each other, it seems that it's hard to know what direction to take. With corporate changes owning near monopolies and charging outrageous prices and bullying people into 5 year contracts, we want to be EXACTLY OPPOSITE OF THAT. We want to eleviate all customer service issues by only employing energetic, kind staff. WE STRAIVE TO BE A COMPANY THAT IS BIG ENOUGH TO HANDLE ANY OF YOUR NEEDS, BUT SMALL ENOUGH TO CARE ABOUT EVERY CLIENT AND KEEP THEM FEELING SPECIAL.

About Our Owners

Dwayne Byrd M.S. - President / CEO
Graduated with a Masters Degree from Florida State University and immediately started a successful transportation company. After selling that business to pursue being home and starting a family, he bridged his education, passions and desires to help others in developing Advanced Biotech Solutions Inc.

Mitchell Brown B.S. - Vice President / CFO
Graduated from Florida State University duel majored with a Bachelor of Science
degree in Finance and Real Estate. Mitch has worked in finance and sales for over 15 years. He has experience with several multi-million dollar businesess. He excels in customer service, banking, lending, marketing, and strives to meet the needs of clients and business partners. He prides himself on ensuring professional service.

Lesley Byrd M.S - Vice President / COO
Armed with a Masters Degree from Duke University, Lesley has served in the fields of ministry and as a hospice chaplain. Spending a great deal of time nurturing patients in the facilities that we pickup from, has truly helped us structure our business around the specific needs of our clients.